Student Leaders

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Aniek van Kersen

Aniek van Kersen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Governance, Economics, and Development from Leiden University College The Hague. With an emphasis on institutions and policy analysis, her research primarily focused on social capital theory in the Food Bank Model and food insecurity in The Hague. Throughout her studies, she worked for the United Nations Institute of Training and Research as Community Manager working with an onsite and virtual team across the globe and as a researcher for the Social Entrepreneur Support for Food Security non-profit. Currently working at the Peace Innovation Institute Aniek currently focuses on research and development surrounding positive peace, peace as an investible mechanism, and peace engineering. The diversity of organizational roles led her to start her own company focused on innovation and project management.

Azeez Mohideen Mohamed Nazeer

Azeez Mohideen Mohamed Nazeer, the Founder and Executive Director of Ikasle Socio-Educational Entity (ISEE),which endures being a global leader in education with its efforts towards connecting students across the border with quality. ISEE conducts workshops, competitions, and conferences on a global scale to create a platform for several stakeholders in education to connect and collaborate.He is passionate about engineering education and works towards enhancing it. He dreams to achieve beyond the illusion of insecurity and societal pressures. With active participation and involvement in Organizing and Facilitating the World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) and Global Student Forum (GSF) conferences , he became an important component of International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES). He is a team player, speaker, and leader who is very analytical, practical, technical & critical.

Felipe Gomez Gallo

Felipe Gomez Gallo is a master’s student in Environmental Engineering with majors in Environmental and Civil Engineering and a minor in Biodiversity studies and Environmental science at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. With a great interest in sustainability, climate change adaptation, risk assessment, and Education. He is the current President of the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) and has been a member since 2015 as a participant of the 11th Global Student Forum (GSF) in Florence and working as an Ed. Content officer and later as a facilitator for the 12th GSF in Seoul. He served as Educational content VP in 2017 and 2018 leading both the Kuala Lumpur and Albuquerque’s GSF educational content. He is a Climate Reality Leader, a well-being ambassador, and a graduate teaching assistant.

Kelvin Kiprono

Kelvin Kiprono, from Kenya. He is an undergraduate student engineer, pursuing Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering at Moi University in Kenya. He has been working with SPEED for about four years now and for him, it has been such a wonderful and enlightening experience. He believes in positive change especially in things that have a great effect on the society that we live in and he also believes in teamwork with a safe space and SPEED brings these aspects together in ways you can never imagine. He wants to create a “Squad” of student engineers across Africa which will have Engineering, SPEED, and a positive motive to bring change to Africa and to the world as a whole.

Laura Restrepo Alameda

Laura Restrepo Alameda, proudly Colombian, is finishing her undergraduate degree in environmental engineering at the Universidad de Los Andes. In addition to serving as vice president of strategic development at SPEED, she is president and co-founder of the Uma Kiwe Foundation for Participatory Action Research Centre. She is a member of the International Network of SDGs Promoters and the National Water network. She studies the relationship between engineering and peacebuilding from community-based research perspectives. She is currently taking the Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics course taught by She has experience in education since 2015 and curriculum design for formal and informal education. She has been part of SPEED since 2018 in the area of education, in the WEEF of the same year, that took place in Albuquerque, she participated as a panelist in the intergenerational panel. She is VP since 2019 endings.

Maria Laura Polo

Maria Laura Polo is an Environmental Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. She is currently pursuing further studies in New York City in her various fields of interest, which include Engineering Education, Anthropology, and Psychology. She is particularly drawn towards educational techniques and cognitive processes. She has been a member of SPEED since 2017 when she worked as an Ed. Content officer and facilitator for the 13th GSF in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Maria Laura is a curious soul, travel fan, and animal lover, always searching for something new to learn from the world.

Nor Azlinda Azmi

Nor Azlinda Azmi is a Master’s graduate in Engineering Education from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Passionate in engineering education, specifically in computing education. She worked as a research officer in engineering education and currently she’s a manager in manufacturing industry. Now, she is preparing to further her doctoral study in engineering education. She has been a member of SPEED since 2016 as a participant of the 12th Global Student Forum (GSF) in Seoul, South Korea. She chaired the 13th Global Student Forum in Kuala Lumpur and became SPEED’s ambassador in Asia Pacific region. During her pastime, she is a volunteer in self-development trainings and education for refugees in her country.

Raheel Pathan

Raheel Pathan is pursuing Mechanical Engineering from I.T.M. Vocational University, and currently he is Vice-president of Member relations. He is working with SPEED since 2016 and facilitated various Regional Students Forum. He was a part of the organizing committee in the 2018 GSF conducted in ABQ, USA, and also coordinated the recently conducted ISF-2019. He is focused on analyzing the most efficient process with flexible and high-quality products in the Industrial sector by maintaining balance in Environment and Technology. By the approach towards INDUSTRY 4.0 ” A new rise in Industrial technology.

Radhika Gautam Gunaji

Radhika Gautam Gunaji, who belongs to India is a Ph.D. student majoring in Petroleum Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She has been a member of SPEED since 2017 working as an Ed.content officer in 13th GSF held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the 14th GSF held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Her research involves developing a Biopolymer using Natural Resources for Enhanced Oil Recovery that would help in Sustainable Oil Production. She brings with herself a strong leadership experience as the President of Post Graduate Student Society for School of Chemical and Energy Engineering and Vice President (women’s affair) of International Student Society at her current University. She is a travel enthusiast and highly self-motivated individual who in her words would not like to leave any corner unexplored

Sanket Dhadke

Sanket Dhadke is currently the VP of Student Affairs in IFEES. He spearheaded the establishment of SCALE along with his colleagues and working together with IUCEE since 2017. He has been an active part of IFEES since SCALE’s foundation. Together with his team, they have conducted a number of workshops focusing on Engineering Education. Sanket holds a Bachelors degree in Automobile Engineering and Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. He is also a professional Finance Consultant & Planner based out of Mumbai, India. With a diverse background in education & work, he promises to work along with everyone and aims to achieve a better future for all living beings.

Ximena Velandia

Ximena Velandia, she is currently in postgraduate studies in Civil Engineering. She started to get involved in SPEED when she was in her 3rd semester of undergraduate studies, after having the opportunity to participate in the 9th Global Student Forum (GSF) 2013, which was held in Colombia. Her experience in SPEED has been a great contribution to her professional and personal skills, and thanks to them she has become a better leader. SPEED helped her to connect with people from different countries, cultures, and ideologies. She learned a lot from each people she has met because we have a common goal, which is our passion for engineering education.


Johannes is a master’s student in Engineering Physics at Ghent University, Belgium, and he is the President of the youth NGO Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). In that capacity, he is responsible for the coordination of the International Board and for the External Relations of BEST, the latter in particular for many projects striving to improve STEM education. In the past two years, he has taken an active role in developing communication and collaboration between different Youth NGOs. Before becoming President of BEST, he was part of different projects which dealt with advocacy and leadership.


Daniel is a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Carlos III University of Madrid, and he is currently coordinating the Educational Involvement Department of the youth NGO Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). He has been involved in the past two years in projects on education at local, national and European level and he is now leading an international team of +20 volunteers to research the impact of the pandemic on STEM education, strive for diversity enhancement in engineering education and ultimately advocate for a change in the way higher education is delivered in Europe and worldwide.

What Our Members Have to Say

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Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
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Zasha Swan
From Australia
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Frank Jones
From Japan
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Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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