Abstract Submissions

NB: Accepted papers can be presented virtually to a technical session, but there is no provision for virtual attendance of a technical session.

Abstract submissions are now closed and the abstract review phase has been completed.
Authors who have received “accepted” or “provisionally accepted” reviews of their abstracts should please prepare their full paper or poster submissions for the next review stage.

Revised abstracts must be submitted with the full paper or poster, and should follow the original abstract structure:

  • Background and Motivation: How interesting and significant is the research to the engineering education community? Is the need for the research conveyed by the author(s)?
  • Aim and Research Question:
    What exactly is being researched? Which problem is being addressed?
  • Methodology:  Is the approach chosen appropriate? If applicable, are the methods clearly explicated? Is there an alignment between the theoretical/conceptual background, methods, and findings?
  • Findings: How convincing are the findings and conclusions? Can you substantiate your findings?
  • Style: (Note, only English abstracts will be accepted): How clearly is the research communicated? Is the abstract easy to read and understand?

Guidelines for full paper submission can be found here: https://weefgedc.org/2022/paper-submissions/
Guidelines for poster submissions can be found here: https://weefgedc.org/2022/poster-submissions/